About Jason Sechrest

From blogger to social media guru, JASON SECHREST has been a published writer since he was 15 years old, when he began his career as a staff writer for Femme Fatales Magazine, interviewing women of the horror, science-fiction and fantasy genre. With the dawning of the world wide web in the late 90’s, he turned his attention from magazines to online, becoming one of the premiere bloggers on the scene — hosting Internet radio shows, penning interviews with celebrities, and reviewing entertainment on a variety of platforms. In 2016, Jason Sechrest was hired by Stephen King’s publishers, Cemetery Dance Publications, to write the monthly column “What I Learned From Stephen King” — exploring the wisdom, life lessons and spirituality hidden within the works of the Master of Horror.

Though Sechrest has been writing about horror, suspense, sci-fi, and fantasy for over 2 decades, SechrestThings.com is his first blog dedicated to his own musings on his favorite genre.