Why Betty Buckley Could Sing Sondheim, Stephen King, or the Phone Book at Joe’s Pub and You’ll Want To Be There

Betty Buckley is having a moment.

It’s not her first, and it won’t be her last — but what a year it has been!

Our readers may best know Betty as the gym teacher in Carrie, the 1976 Brian De Palma film based on the bestselling novel by Stephen King. The hardest of hardcore King fans may also recall she stepped into the crazy shoes of Carrie’s mother, Margaret, for Carrie: The Musical when it debuted on Broadway in 1988. Television best knows Betty perhaps for her role on the series Eight Is Enough, and the stage knows her for all sorts of star making vehicles the least of which is not her Tony Award winning performance in Cats.

She is the actor’s actor, a singer’s singer, and the entertainer’s entertainer; that is to say that for nearly 5 decades, Betty Buckley’s tireless work ethic and immense talent have remained consistently praiseworthy.

This year has seen some of Betty’s best. In January, an entirely new generation of horror fans were introduced to her. Every second she is on the screen in M Night Shyamalan’s Split, she steals the show. “It’s a wonderful experience to work with a director who knows exactly what he wants,” said Betty, who previously worked with Shyamalan on his film, The Happening. “And he’s always right. I love working with him.”

Then in April, Betty released a new 2-CD set, Story Songs. The track listing boasts numbers that showcase Betty’s unique ability to not merely sing songs, but to perform and emote them in character. Highlights include “Old Flame,” “You’ve Got To Be Taught,” and “I’m Still Here.”

Now, Betty is taking to the stage at Joe’s Pub in New York City to perform Story Songs #2 from October 12-15.

Whether you know Betty for Sondheim or Stephen King, do not — I repeat, do NOT — miss an opportunity to see her perform live in person. I happened to catch her in the musical adaptation of Grey Gardens last year at The Ahmanson, and her performance was transcendent.

Horror. Broadway. What isn’t to love about Betty freaking Buckley? I’ll be right there in the front row at the 9:30 pm show on Saturday, October 14th. Won’t you join me?

Tickets to Betty Buckley’s Story Songs #2 at Joe’s Pub can be purchased here: https://www.publictheater.org/Tickets/Calendar/PlayDetailsCollection/Joes-Pub/2017/B/Betty-Buckley/?SiteTheme=JoesPub

You can get Betty’s movies and music on DVD, Blu-Ray, CD or watch and stream them now by clicking on the covers below.

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