Stephen King Reveals Title of His Next Novel, ‘The Outsider’

In an interview with USA Today this morning, Stephen King revealed the title of his next novel will be, The Outsider.

USA Today writes: It’s one aspect of a busy time for King: The film adaptation of The Dark Tower is in theaters now, a new It movie debuts on the big screen Sept. 8, he starts a book tour next month with son Owen for Sleeping Beauties (out Sept. 26), and the elder King has another tome, The Outsider, coming soon.

“There’s a lot of things I want to say about that, but I can’t,” King says of his forthcoming novel. “It’s too cool to talk about right now. All I can say is it won’t be out in 2017 because I’ve got enough going on.”

King also made a brief mention of his new novel last week in a Q&A panel discussion with Birth Death Movies. Upon being asked if he could talk about what he’s working on now, King replied: “No. There’s a book done for next year and there’s a book I wrote with my son called Sleeping Beauties. That’s out next month.”

Sleeping Beauties is now available for pre-order. You can get it for 30% off by clicking the cover below.

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9 Replies to “Stephen King Reveals Title of His Next Novel, ‘The Outsider’”

  1. So what do you think the book is about? I’m going to guess “the outsider” is some kind of monster from outer space

    1. Scott. F. feighner says: Reply

      The novel takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s about a guy named Ponyboy…Ponyboy is 68 years old…the last of a close knit group of friends. Instead of being called the Losers Club, they were known as The Greasers. Ponyboy, in 1968, married a girl named Sherri “Cherry” Valance. She was from the “good side of town” and was one of the Socs. Rich kids with privilege. Cherry had a wild streak about her. When she married Ponyboy, her friends ostracized her. Cherry and Ponyboy traveled the country in Ponyboys Semi-truck. Now they are back home in Tulsa trying to put things together.

  2. I’m thinking a stranger will come to a small town and cause trouble, like in Needful Things.

    1. That would be SO cool!

      1. Now we have a til next year to sit around and wonder lol

  3. Scott. F. feighner says: Reply

    Interesting that you mention that King is busy with The film adaptation of The Dark Tower is in theaters now, a new It movie debuts on the big screen Sept. 8.

    Other than writing the original source material that was used to adapt the film versions, King had marginal input to the films themselves. He got a check, and then others did the work.

    1. Well technically, I didn’t say that. USA Today did. haha

      1. Scott. F. feighner says: Reply

        In an odd turn about, technically, I was directed my comment toward USA Today…Which is why my comment did not appear beneath anyones name…haha

  4. I hope The Outsider is about Tak. He is one of my favorite villains and even though he got two books, I wouldn’t hate to read a third. The only reason I even kinda got my hopes up is because (if I’m not mistaken) Tak is referred to as ‘Tak the Outsider’.

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