This Old TV Ad for Stephen King’s IT Cleans Up Nice

If you were a Stephen King fan in the early 1990’s, you might recall seeing this TV ad for Stephen King’s IT. Now thanks to one fan’s glorious reproduction using the new blu-ray release’s high-quality transfer, you can see what it would look like if that same commercial were to air today.

Aside from the masterful editing skills of said fan, what this video truly showcases is the incredible quality of the recently released blu-ray edition of IT. For those of us who grew up watching a VHS tape recording from television over and over again (that would be me!), or even those who were introduced to the film in its DVD incarnation, this video proves the new blu-ray to be the ultimate copy to own.

Recreation of my favorite commercial for ‘Stephen King’s IT’ in HD from Agent Sam Stanley on Vimeo.

To purchase Stephen King’s IT on blu-ray, click here.


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