Friday Night Frights on Facebook Live – PSYCHO (March 3)

Why watch horror movies alone on a Friday night when we can watch them together?

On Friday, March 3rd at 7:30 pm PT, let’s watch PSYCHO. I’ll host the movie by going on Facebook Live before and after the film — opening and closing with anecdotes about the making of the movie and a discussion. Are you in?

This will be the first in a series of Friday Night Frights that will take place on the first Friday of each month. For me, this is a great way to connect with new people and to share an evening watching movies with old friends no matter where in the world we might be at the time.

Due to copyright, of course we cannot stream the movie itself on Facebook, so you’ll need to make sure you get your hands on a copy of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece before the big night! You can purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray of Psycho by clicking here.

Or, you can rent the movie for $3.99 and stream it in HD on Amazon Video by clicking here.

(Purchasing from these links also helps support this site, by the way! So thank you in advance.)

Once you have your movie ready to watch, on Friday, March 3rd at 7:30 pm, tune into the Sechrest Things Facebook page at I’ll be going live before the movie, and then again after we are done watching to discuss. Think of it as Robert Osborne on Turner Classic Movies, coming on before and after the show, only by doing it this way it can be an interactive live discussion. 🙂

I’d also love to hear your suggestions for what movie I should host in April! Please leave your ideas in the comments section below.

I am so, so, so looking forward to doing this. It’s been a life long dream of mine to host classic movies, and the horror genre is one of my favorites. I do hope you’ll join me so that we can all enjoy Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Psycho, together.


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    Can’t wait!

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