First Look: ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Teaser Video Arrives Online!

Our first look at the TV series Mr. Mercedes, based on the novel by Stephen King, has arrived online! The teaser video includes interviews with author Stephen King, director Jack Bender, and writer David E. Kelley. All three also serve as executive producers on the 10-episode first season, premiering August 9th on the AT&T Audience Network, available to DirecTV subscribers.

Speaking with USA Today, Kelley who recently enjoyed success with his HBO series Big Little Lies says, “People will come to Mr. Mercedes for the thrills that Stephen King so readily offers and they will stay for the richness and characters.”

Mr. Mercedes is King’s first book in his award-winning Hodges trilogy, a series of novels that center around detective Bill Hodges. Brendan Gleeson (who keeps his Irish accent for the production) stars as Hodges, the aging detective who can’t forget the one that got away, aka the ‘Mercedes Killer’ who mowed down a group of innocents waiting to get into a job fair with only a clown mask and a stolen Mercedes. The psychopath car killer, played by Harry Treadaway, is also a computer-store clerk holding down a second job as an ice-cream vendor. He resurfaces to taunt the old detective with a series of strange letters, videos, and emails.

Kelley says the series will stay close to the novel’s source material. “We’re not going to mess with Stephen King too much. He knows what he’s doing.”

He does indeed.

You can prepare for Mr. Mercedes, by getting King’s novel in hardback, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook by clicking here.

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