7 Things We Learned From The New Stranger Things Trailer

Just an hour ago, Netflix debuted an all new trailer for the second season of Stranger Things at San Diego Comic Con. And boy, it does not disappoint!

A few of the things we learned from the new trailer:

  1. The Duffer Brothers are still playing on our nostalgia. BIG TIME! If Sarah Jessica Parker can go around claiming that “New York is the fifth woman” on Sex and the City, then 1983 was the fifth boy in the first season of Stranger Things. Nobody but nobody has captured the early 1980s for those of us who were actually that age when we lived it like this show. The new trailer, complete with Ghostbusters costumes and Vincent Price’s Thriller monologue is already taking us right back to the following year, 1984. There are moments in the trailer I literally wanted to cry because it looked so much like my own childhood. …I also grew up in Indiana, so I’m allowed.
  2. Will is back, but not all back. He’s still having flashes of the Upside Down.
  3. Whatever is coming isn’t really after Will. It wants the others this time.
  4. Eleven is alive in the Upside Down. It looks like she is trapped in the school where she disintegrated.
  5. There’s plenty more of Winona Ryder screaming, crying, and just generally freaking out a lot in this season. Pretty much every shot of her in the trailer consists of Winona having a meltdown.
  6. Sean Astin looks like he might be playing some kind of nurse or doctor, judging by his scrubs.
  7. There’s no doubt about it. That big ass thing in the sky has got multiple legs, like some sort of spider. And Will can’t stop drawing its tendrils.

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