Castle Rock Begins Production Next Week; Has Rights to ‘Dozens of Stephen King Books’

In an interview from San Diego Comic Con, writer Marc Bernardin tells Syfy Wire that Castle Rock will begin production next week in Orange, Massachusetts. Bernardin also explained how the forthcoming Hulu television series is able choose from the multitude of personalities that exist in the Stephen King. world.

“We have the rights to about a dozen Stephen King books and we can pick and choose. We can decide, ‘Hey would Annie Wilkes be awesome in this? Wouldn’t it be great to have Jack Torrance in this? It would be fantastic to have Jack Torrance in this! Should we set it at the Overlook? No, we’re not going to set it at the Overlook. But it would be awesome if we could!’ It’s an original story set in that world that allows us to sort of graze up against and take full advantage of the characters in the Stephen King multiverse that are not currently in It or The Dark Tower because that is it’s own thing.”

Castle Rock is being billed as a psychological-horror drama with a cast that includes Andre Holland, Sissy Spacek, and Bill Skarsgård. The series will premiere on Hulu in 2018.

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